Flat Patch Cables

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We offer high quality FLUKE Test Flat Lan Cable solutions!



  • Cat.5e Flat Cable

    Cat5e Flat cable with high speed transfer, new design, new feature, and cable thickness is 1.4mm*6.0mm, 1.4mm*6.4mm or 1.5mm*7.5mm etc. sllim flat cable fits any little space which is much more convenient for housing.

  • Cat.6 Flat Cable

    Cat.6 flat cable with 250MHz high speed transfer, much more fast internet. black, blue, gray, green color options. cat.6 flat cable is suitable for Gigbit internet, router, PC etc

  • Cat.7 Flat Cable

    Slim Cat.7 Super flat patch cords are a great solution for how to hide Ethernet cables in tight spaces, where regular Cat.7 round patch cord is too bulky.

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